access to psychotherapy

Despite all the talk about "access to psychotherapy" in Quebec, nobody is willing to make a small administrative tweak, a simple change to insurance policies replacing the word "psychology" with "psychotherapy" (which is now regulated in this province), so that more psychotherapy services would- overnight- be made accessible to hundreds of thousands of Quebecers at no additional cost to anyone!

Nobody is talking about this or why it is not happening.  I suspect a conflict of interest of the Quebec Order of Psychologists which licenses both their own psychologist members AND non-psychologist psychotherapists, their competition.

There is currently a petition at the National Assembly to ask that insurance policies make the changes necessary to respect Quebecers' right to access psychotherapy provided by all licensed psychotherapists in this province.  The petition has over 1000 signatures, but nobody is talking about it.

Please talk about it!

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