que charest charade

An article posted in February on the Protégez-vous.ca website contains incorrect information about the online referral service of the Quebec Order of Psychologists.

The author of the article states that "The first information you are asked for is the location in which you want to search.”

Unfortunately, this is not true.  In fact the first thing that one is asked by the OPQ referral service is to choose between "psychologist" and "all authorized professionals."

Now let’s say that one comes to the OPQ website and needs help, perhaps with issues around a relationship or work.  One might very well think along lines such as this: “I am looking for therapy, and that is a psychological service.  I am at the website of the Order of Psychologists.  I guess I am looking for a psychologist.”  That would seem reasonable, but the search results will actually exclude all licensed couple and family therapists, sexologists, occupational therapists, social workers, psycho-educators and others who are able to help.  It will include many psychologists with little training and no license in these fields.

Yet, the author of the article tells us that Rose-Marie Charest, the President of the OPQ "assures that psychologists are not privileged at the expense of other therapists."

Unfortunately this is not true either.

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