a psychologist accuses Rose-Marie Charest of conflict of interest as President of the OPQ

[translated from French]

As president of the Order of Psychologists, Rose-Marie Charest has a responsibility to protect the public, to represent the profession and psychologists. Promotional ads for her program On the Couch have alluded to the fact that she is president of the Order of Psychologists. Because of the credibility this title lends her, Rose-Marie Charest may be giving the public the impression that the analyses she offers on her program reflect what most psychologists would say. This is not the case. It can also give the impression that psychologists are first and foremost psychotherapists. This is not the case either.
The Order of Psychologists bought advertising messages that are inserted in the program In Therapy which is broadcast daily on TV5. It is deplorable.
Rose-Marie Charest promotes the profession of psychology as essentially a profession of psychotherapist. There are many psychologists who do not practice in the field of psychotherapy and who believe not only that we are licensed to protect the public but to also provide the public with accurate information about the profession of psychology. There are more and more psychologists who are not psychotherapists and who are not comfortable in the Order of Psychologists. Currently, Rose-Marie Charest's self-interest is fused with the interests of the Order of Psychologists. Rose-Marie Charest must choose.

Martin Courcy 

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